Susan Schmidt

is born into a creative inventor family in 1961 in Toronto, Canada. Since her early childhood she experiences tunes and music with special sensibility. She discovers the art of painting as a method of expressing emotions very early.

Until fully turning to her passion of moulding music into scenes of colour and patterns as a scope of art, she first takes up an occupation within industrial business which is followed by university studies of social sciences (psychology) statistics and law (M. A.) and doctorial studies in applied psychology (PhD). Her professional domain and dedication lie in the area of occupational rehabilitation for persons with psychological disabilities and in the area of animal assisted intervention.

Over time paintings originate and arise from the whirlpool of emotions, initiated by music. Senses meld into one another, emotional synestethics comes through.

On her way of creating art Susan is inspired by most different styles of music. By painting music as a visual experience more and more beholders are bound by the spell of her paintings.